New Year, New You Online

As the Christmas decorations are packed away, the world seems a duller place. Have a look at your online profile in the cold light of January. Does it tell the world how good your business really is? Have things changed since you set up your online strategy? Is it time to spruce up and spring…

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The Digital Carrot and Stick

Digital world

One of the comforting things about making the leap to the online space is how closely online behaviour resembles that in the ‘real world’. Once a business realises that the same message is being communicated regardless of the medium, and that online channels are just a new way of getting to the market, the move…

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Getting value for money online

Which Way Now

When you start a new business, controlling costs is a top priority – along with getting those first sales in the bag, of course.  But control doesn’t mean spending as little as possible.  It means getting value for money while meeting the needs of your new business.

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Managing the Online Culture Clash

Business Meeting

There is a real clash of cultures in our society, as Digital Skills become ever more vital for day to day living and business growth.  The younger generation, raised with computers, have an intuitive grasp of rapidly-changing online tools. The older generation, who have watched the extraordinary rise of the internet over the past 20…

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Do digital businesses lack digital skills?


Why would a digital business need to build its digital skills?  Seems like an odd question.  But what are the digital skills that every business needs?  Go On UK have defined them as: Communicating – emails, social media, customer record management; Searching – understanding Google and friends; Informing – building a clear, accessible, optimised website;…

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Do I own my website?

One of the commonest questions from small businesses venturing onto the internet for the first time is “Will I own my website?”.  The answer’s complicated and depends on how you have set up your site and who’s built it – but the question is pretty complicated too.  What do you mean by ‘own’ your site?…

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SEO: Trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear?

Making a silk purse

Remember all those lovely metaphors our parents trotted out when we were kids? “A bad workman blames his tools”; “It’s an ill wind that blows no good”; “If you don’t want the whelks don’t much them about” (or was that just my family?); and “Look at that! Mutton dressed as lamb!”.  Of them all, the…

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Google latest: User experience and authority take centre stage


It’s Google update time again!  With Penguin 2.0 around the corner, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team, has released the latest pointers for website developers and owners on what to expect in Search Engine Optimisation over the next few months (you can see the original video on Matt Cutts’ blog).  This morning he also…

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Word of Mouth in the 21st Century

“I get all my business by word of mouth” says our builder.  That’s great – but what does ‘Word of Mouth’ mean these days?  In 2004, Kate Fox wrote “The mobile phone has… become the modern equivalent of the garden fence or the village green” (1).  Nine years on, the internet is where we do…

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