Writing is a passion, and Kate produces fluent and authoritative work on blockchain and the adoption of digital technologies. Her work has been published in online and print journals including the Center for Digital Ethics and Policy and IT NOW magazine, and her 2020 book Blockchain Hurricane was selected for inclusion in the Harvard Business Publishing catalogue. Kate also writes science fiction and cybercrime thrillers underpinned by real technology.

Praise for Blockchain Hurricane (BEP, 2020)

Kate is an excellent writer and we need more books like this to explain blockchain for business in such a pragmatic fashion. A must read.

Blockchain Hurricane

Origins, Applications and Future
of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Published by Business Expert Press (2020) and also listed in the Harvard Business Publishing catalog, Blockchain Hurricane is a clear, concise and non-technical book for business leaders, MBA students, and anyone who needs a good grounding in this exciting emerging technology.

  • A clear non-technical guide to the language of blockchain, cryptocurrency and distributed ledgers.
  • An insight into the development of cryptocurrencies, the technology which makes them work, and why this is exciting for enterprise.
  • Real life examples of blockchain applications in supply chains, insurance, financial services, utilities, large scale capital projects, and government.
  • Innovative ideas for economic growth emerging from gaming.
  • An overview of future opportunities and perceived threats.

Buy your signed copy from my Bookshop (UK delivery only) or contact Eurospan for library stocks and reading lists. Blockchain Hurricane is also available in paperback and on Kindle worldwide through Amazon.

What's Hot in Blockchain & Crypto

"This book is like a fireside chat with the people creating the coolest tech on the planet."

A series of high profile interviews with the founders and principals of ground-breaking businesses around the globe. We explore applications and innovations ranging from gaming and the future of work, through smart contracts and digital art to the underlying infrastructure. We discuss the importance of cybersecurity and the emergence of regulation. Find out how blockchain, cryptocurrency and distributed ledgers expose new processes, build enterprises, grow communities, and improve lives.