What does AI do, exactly?

What does AI really do? “Artificial Intelligence” conjures up images of a jolly plastic pal in the workplace, or, on the flip side, a controlling mind that will eventually decide the fate of humanity. But AI is an umbrella term for different tools and processes that replicate aspects of human intelligence. Many of those tools…

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AI: Can we build it? Should we?

AI: Can we build it?

This week BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, called on the Prime Minister to make ethics a priority at the upcoming AI safety summit. As AI explodes into the public consciousness, ethics has to be front and centre – and proactive. We can’t snooze on the job. Around 2015 I heard DeepMind founder Demis Hassabis…

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The Artificial Intelligence genie is out of the box

Just how fast has Artificial Intelligence penetrated the public consciousness? One of the many strands of my work is part time lecturing as an adjunct professor. In the space of just two years, the subject of AI has leapt from the pages of text books into the daily life of students. It’s changed what I…

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Will big business compromise the ethics of artificial intelligence – Center for Digital Ethics and Policy | Loyola University Chicago

Will big business compromise the ethics of artificial intelligence? We are entering a new era of technology adoption. We have passed the point of using new tools to perform old tasks, and our behavior is changing. I grew up with a 1970s television that had four push-buttons on it; these were laboriously and manually tuned…

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Smart Data: Improving intervention in Health, Education and the Economy

Data is the new gold

“Data is the new gold!” Following the North East Digital Summit 2016 on Smart Data, this blog attempts to extract the recurring themes and overarching learnings which reflect the overall topic: smart data. Data Disrupts An early message from Keynote speaker Jacqueline de Rojas was the disruptive potential of data in service improvement. Airbnb’s data-driven…

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