New insights from The Digital Commonwealth

Thursday 2nd May saw the second of The Digital Commonwealth‘s Mansion House Summit series. I’ve known the people behind this since they were delivering high quality journalism and events through CryptoAM, and James Bowater, Darren Parkin and the team have made The Digital Commonwealth a bigger and better version of what came before. It’s well…

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Think like a futurist to survive

Speaking at Thinking Digital 2022

How do we and our businesses survive and thrive in this rapidly changing world? For generations, humans have had time to stop, think and adapt to change. It took a more than hundred years to move from the first steam engines, Stephenson’s Rocket pulling a passenger train, and the rise of industrial scale manufacturing to…

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What does AI do, exactly?

What does AI really do? “Artificial Intelligence” conjures up images of a jolly plastic pal in the workplace, or, on the flip side, a controlling mind that will eventually decide the fate of humanity. But AI is an umbrella term for different tools and processes that replicate aspects of human intelligence. Many of those tools…

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AI: Can we build it? Should we?

AI: Can we build it?

This week BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, called on the Prime Minister to make ethics a priority at the upcoming AI safety summit. As AI explodes into the public consciousness, ethics has to be front and centre – and proactive. We can’t snooze on the job. Around 2015 I heard DeepMind founder Demis Hassabis…

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The Artificial Intelligence genie is out of the box

Just how fast has Artificial Intelligence penetrated the public consciousness? One of the many strands of my work is part time lecturing as an adjunct professor. In the space of just two years, the subject of AI has leapt from the pages of text books into the daily life of students. It’s changed what I…

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The Dash for Digital Currency

Digital world

PayPal announced this week that they are enabling customers to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrency on their platform. Although the news was cautiously received for several reasons, it’s just one symptom of the dash for digital currency which is gathering speed around the world. I expected that PayPal would eventually throw their hat into this…

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A Future of Work – Decentralised

Axie Infinity screenshot

The future of work against a backdrop of accelerating technological advances has been the subject of discussion for years, and the debate has intensified in the last few months. Our recent experience has focused on technology and best practice which enables effective communication and collaboration in a distanced setting. There is another dimension which is…

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Blockchain book chosen by Harvard

Kate Baucherel has been helping business leaders to use emerging technologies effectively for the past three decades. Her latest book “Blockchain Hurricane: Origins, Applications and Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency” has been chosen by Harvard Business Publishing to add to their catalogue of learning materials and pair with their world-leading case studies. Blockchain Hurricane gives…

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Durian and the Value Chain

Duran fruit in tree, Borneo

While researching my latest book “Blockchain Hurricane: Origins, Applications and Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency” in summer 2019, I came across an article from Fintechnews Singapore that intrigued me. “Millions of Durians Will Be Tracked on the Blockchain for Thailand’s Largest Durian Exporter,” it said. Having eaten the legendary smelly fruit (once and once only)…

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E-Voting systems under the spotlight


E-voting has been under the spotlight in the past few months, and as the world moves inexorably online in the face of COVID-19, how close are we to finding a real solutions? The adverse publicity around an apparently hastily-built voting app made all the wrong headlines as chaos ensued at the Iowa caucases. After all,…

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