Inside Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity screenshot

Axie Infinity is hitting the headlines. This germ of an idea that emerged in 2017 has now reached a $30 billion valuation and sees activity on a par with mainstream games, according to Forbes. During the pandemic it became a lifeline for many people in the Philippines who earned enough from play to replace their…

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Unpacking El Salvador’s Bitcoin Rollout

El Salavador Flag and Bitcoin logo

Today’s the day that El Salvador officially recognises Bitcoin as legal tender. For the first time, a public, decentralised cryptocurrency is being adopted by a sovereign nation. What does this actually mean for the people, the economy, and crypto? Anyone can use Bitcoin Although El Salvador makes its use official, there is nothing to stop…

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NFTs and digital fine art – a love match

Three artworks

Artist James Atkins launched his first crypto art collection on Valentine’s Day 2021. As at 1st September 2021, 99 digital fine art pieces had been sold to thirty different collectors around the world, and the hundredth piece, the signed complete set with unlockable content, is up for auction. How did James hit the ground running…

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Central Bank Digital Currencies gather steam

British bank notes

Central Bank Digital Currencies, or CBDCs, are gathering steam. The years since the 2008 financial crash have seen both the emergence of cryptocurrencies and a rapid rise in the use of digital forms of payment. The Bank of England published their second discussion paper on CBDC a few days ago, and Governor Andrew Bailey told…

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Initial Coin Offerings – Snake Oil or Saviour?

Blockchain landscape

2017 was the year that Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) hit the technical business press, and cryptocurrency stepped out of the shadows. It’s been a remarkable ride: in June, when finalising details of my novel Bitcoin Hurricane, the publisher asked whether Bitcoin was well enough known for the book to sell. By Christmas, at every signing…

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