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The pace of emerging technology development is accelerating, and every organisation feels its impact. I help business leaders to navigate the rapidly changing landscape and grasp the opportunities of innovation.

  • Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers

    Kate has an in-depth knowledge of the developing landscape of blockchain technology, its history, applications, potential, and pitfalls. She works with businesses who are using blockchain, and her writing and speaking educates and inspires decision makers.

  • Keynotes, panels and chairing

    Confident, relaxed speaker and facilitator with experience from keynotes on the big stage to workshops with small groups, in real life and online. Book Kate Baucherel to bring new perspectives and inspiration to your upcoming emerging tech conferences and training events.

  • Writing: technical work and fiction

    Kate's broad portfolio of writing includes Blockchain Hurricane: Origins, Applications and Future of Blockchain and Crypocurrency (Business Expert Press, 2020), her 2014 book on digital skills for business, and the popular SimCavalier science fiction series. She has written commissioned pieces for a number of high profile online and print publications in the UK and USA.

  • Emerging technology inspiration

    Taking an innovative, futurist twist on the leading and latest emerging technologies, and the wicked business challenges they solve. Discover new ways to improve processes and grow your business using new tools including blockchain technology, the Internet of Things, smart data, and Artificial Intelligence. Hire Kate now for speaking engagements and written pieces.

About Kate

About Kate

Writer | Speaker | Emerging Technology Strategist

Kate Baucherel BA(Hons) FCMA is a business development and strategy consultant specialising in the application of emerging technology in enterprise. She has held senior technical and financial roles in businesses across multiple sectors including utilities, manufacturing, leisure and software, leading several companies through their start-up and growth phases. Kate’s first job was with an IBM business partner in Denver, back when the AS/400 was a really cool piece of hardware and the World Wide Web didn’t exist, and she has enjoyed the journey to today’s awe-inspiring technical landscape. Her published work ranges from the challenges of technology adoption through digital ethics to fiction, and includes the SimCavalier sci-fi thriller series. Her forthcoming book, Blockchain Hurricane, for New York's Business Expert Press is due for publication in Spring 2020. She holds a 2nd Dan black belt in karate, and has two children.

latest articles

News and views on business challenges and the potential and dangers of emerging technologies

  • Getting to Truth on the Blockchain

    The second phase of the enquiry into the tragic Grenfell Tower fire begins today. As the BBC reports, the first phase found that the cladding work on the tower did not comply with building regulations, and the role of the second phase is to unpick the complex records held by seven different contractors to determine accountability. […]

  • Is Magic Internet Money going mainstream?

    Spoilers: No. We are not all going to be using our cryptocurrency of choice on a daily basis any time soon. Here in our comfortable first world existence, the vast majority do not have a need for an alternative to established national currencies. However, there are emerging patterns and pockets of adoption which merit scrutiny. […]

  • Happy Birthday Bitcoin. Here’s to all the family!

    Bitcoin celebrated its eleventh birthday on January 3rd, 2020, the anniversary of the creation of its Genesis Block. The first working peer-to-peer system of electronic cash was born into turbulent times. In that original block lies a hidden message which reads: “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”. It is generally […]

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