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  • Blockchain Training for Executives

    Blockchain and cryptocurrency training tailored for executives and boards. Build AWARENESS of distributed ledger technology, understand real life APPLICATIONS of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and develop a toolkit to ASSESS its relevance to your products, services and business processes.

  • Virtual and Real Life Keynote Speaker

    Confident, relaxed speaker and facilitator in virtual and real-life settings. Experience from keynotes on the big stage to workshops with small groups, in real life and online. Book Kate Baucherel to bring new perspectives and inspiration to your upcoming emerging technology events.

  • Writing: Blockchain and Digital Skills

    Kate's broad portfolio of writing includes Blockchain Hurricane: Origins, Applications and Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (Business Expert Press, 2020), her 2014 book on digital skills for business, and pieces for a number of high profile online and print publications in the UK and USA including Growing with Blockchain (Novaro, 2020) and IT NOW Magazine.

  • Writing: Science Fiction

    Taking an innovative, futurist twist on emerging technologies, Kate authors the popular SimCavalier cybercrime thriller series - Bitcoin Hurricane (2017), Hacked Future (2018) and Tangled Fortunes (due 2020). She has also published a number of short stories in the Harvey Duckman Presents... series of Sci Fi, Fantasy Horror and Steampunk anthologies.

About Kate

About Kate

Kate Baucherel BA(Hons) FCMA CGMA is a business development and strategy consultant specialising in the application of emerging technology in enterprise. She has held senior technical and financial roles in businesses across multiple sectors including utilities, manufacturing, leisure and software, leading several companies through their start-up and growth phases. Her published work ranges from the challenges of technology adoption through digital ethics to fiction, and includes the SimCavalier sci-fi thriller series. Her latest book, "Blockchain Hurricane: Origins, Applications and Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency" was published in March 2020. She holds a 2nd Dan black belt in karate, and has two children.

Blockchain Coaching and Consultancy

Blockchain and cryptocurrency training tailored for executives, boards and decision makers. The key takeaways are: to build AWARENESS of distributed ledger technology; gain an understanding of real life APPLICATIONS of blockchain and cryptocurrency; develop a toolkit to ASSESS its relevance to your products, services and business processes; and work in partnership to take ACTION for innovation and growth. Contact us today to discuss your coaching needs.

  • Awareness


    Understand the origins of blockchain technology and the different tools available to enterprise.

  • Applications


    Learn about real world applications of blockchain technology in your industry and wider sectors

  • Assessment


    Develop decision criteria for the strategic implementation of blockchain in your organisation

  • Action


    Work together to design and implement the best solutions for your organisation


  • What a fantastic and passionate Guest Speaker Kate Baucherel is. Her digital knowledge is amazing and she had our audience captivated at our recent Industry Digital Roadshow for the Digital Skills for Growth project, where Kate's skills align perfectly to the ethos of the project. I would highly recommend Kate and we are planning on inviting her to attend another Digital Roadshow in 2020. A very interesting and inspirational lady with a wealth of knowledge in emerging technology.
    Sue Gilbert

    Sue Gilbert

    Digital Skills for growth Project manager, Teesside University

  • Kate is an amazing speaker and powerful motivator. By using a combination of her advanced knowledge of technology, a superhuman imagination and a talent for storytelling, Kate not only makes future predictions about technology and the world we live in, but also inspires all types of people to imagine their own future. I had the pleasure of attending one of Kate's talks and I was genuinely inspired.
    Tom Johnson

    Tom Johnson

    Ethical Hacker and Social Engineer

  • Kate is not only highly knowledgable about IT, but she is also an excellent writer, speaker and moderator on the subject too. Having known Kate for the last decade, and it was a pleasure to be able to invite her to speak at our latest event, Blockchain Summit London, where she moderated a track for us. Although Blockchain itself is a highly complex concept, she demonstrated an excellent ability to talk about the subject in depth in an accessible and open way that everyone could relate to and engage with, which was a great asset to the conference. We recommend Kate's work highly and look forward to collaborating her again in the future.
    Georgina Wilczek

    Georgina Wilczek

    Conference Producer

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