Kate has extensive speaking experience delivering keynotes and panels, on stage, online and on air. She has spoken at live events around the world, delivering keynote addresses and chairing high profile events. During Covid she developed an excellent online portfolio, speaking to audiences in the US, SE Asia, Europe, and closer to home. She occasionally pops up on BBC radio and TV broadcasts when producers need a balanced, knowledgeable voice to discuss blockchain and cryptocurrency.

I thought Kate was an excellent speaker, really passionate and knowledgeable.

Kate is an amazing speaker and powerful motivator... she not only makes future predictions about technology and the world we live in, but also inspires all types of people to imagine their own future.

Kate is a natural, relaxed and flexible speaker who knows how to identify and adapt to her audience.

What a fantastic and passionate Guest Speaker Kate Baucherel is. Her digital knowledge is amazing and she had our audience captivated.

Although Blockchain itself is a highly complex concept, she demonstrated an excellent ability to talk about the subject in depth in an accessible and open way that everyone could relate to and engage with, which was a great asset to the conference.

Glad to attend your training, it was a eye opener of the potential of blockchain tech.


Speaking Engagements


Thinking Digital 2022 - 18th / 19th May 2022 - Book Here

CIMA Members in Practice Conference, May 2022 - Book Here

Sample Presentations

Blockchain Hurricane

We introduce the concepts of blockchain, distributed ledgers and crypto assets, in as much detail as the audience requires. We illustrate the use of blockchain in enterprise and show how the technology is already improving processes and delivering enhanced trust and transparency to businesses, consumers and regulators across the world.

Key takeaways:

  • A greater understanding of blockchain as a transformative technology
  • An appreciation of the range of applications, from supply chains to gaming, from fintech to government
  • Decision tools for blockchain implementation

Innovation for Growth

Businesses are always looking for that edge to grow or even to survive, and increasingly the difference is made by adoption of emerging technology, whether in products, business processes, or communication with markets. What tech is coming along in the next decade, and how will it impact business?

Key takeaways:

  • One decade's emerging technology is the next decade's indispensable, everyday tool
  • Innovation triggers and the importance of problem solving
  • Insights into automation, from centralised Robotic Process Automation to decentralised Smart Contracts, and the role of AI and the Internet of Things.

Cybersecurity Fact Through Fiction

Stories provide a base layer of understanding in a way which can and does influence behaviour. Kate Baucherel tells how a planned cybersecurity text book became a series of cybercrime thrillers, and discusses the communication skills that professionals can harness to improve cybersecurity education.

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