Speaking SXSW 2017 Panel
Kate Baucherel is confident speaking on the international stage, with years of experience in person at major conferences and online in high-profile webinars. Kate has also lectured at Teesside Business School for several semesters and can structure and deliver effective training on emerging technology for small and large groups.

Kate is an amazing speaker and powerful motivator.

By using a combination of her advanced knowledge of technology, a superhuman imagination and a talent for storytelling, Kate not only makes future predictions about technology and the world we live in, but also inspires all types of people to imagine their own future. I had the pleasure of attending one of Kate’s talks and I was genuinely inspired.

Keynote Speaker: Inspiration and Innovation

Businesses are always looking for that edge to grow or even to survive, and increasingly the difference is made by adoption of emerging technology, whether in products, business processes, or communication with markets. What tech is coming along in the next decade, and how will it impact business?

Speciality Presentations

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Where did blockchain and cryptocurrency come from? How can they be used for business transformation and innovation? What are the opportunities and threats which lie in the future? This talk can be tailored to a specific industry audience, to C-suite executives, and MBA students. I draw case studies and examples from my book “Blockchain Hurricane: Origins, Applications and Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency” (Business Expert Press, 2020) and demonstrate the complex concepts in a clear and accessible way.

Blockchain AMA Format

This is a great way to pitch the delivery to the level of the audience. As understanding of blockchain technology increases, balancing a presentation between 101 and expert, and between technical aspects and business applications, is a tricky task. I am confident in the breadth, depth and currency of my knowledge and can manage quick-fire questioning.

Learning Fact Through Fiction

As a sci-fi author, I feel a responsibililty to ensure that the tech in my futurist novels is believable and accurate. Research shows that people absorb facts from stories and see them as part of their background general knowledge – even if the facts are wrong. One of the most effective ways to communicate is therefore through stories. How can you improve adoption of technology through storytelling?

Indicative Speaker Fees

Full day / keynote rate £4,000. Individual session rates negotiable based on event and audience. Travel and accommodation expenses apply for engagements outside the north east of England. Everything is negotiable, but please think about supporting independent speakers! We are not salaried to deliver talks on behalf of event sponsors.

Recent and Planned Speaking Engagements

2020 (Online events unless otherwise stated)


  • Digital Skills for Growth – Keynote – December, County Durham
  • Supply Chains Unblocked – Keynote – October, London
  • Blockchain and AI Meetup – Keynote – November, Middlesbrough
  • Cyberfest – Fact or Fiction, Keynote – September. Middlesbrough
  • Venturefest Tees Valley – Emerging Technology Opportunities – September, Middlebsbrough
  • Blockchain Summit – That’s Not My Tuna – September, BrightTALK
  • South by Southwest 2019 – IP, Brand and Blockchain: Business on the Block – March, Austin, TX
  • Blockparty – Ask Me Anything Q&A – February, Newcastle upon Tyne