Getting value for money online

Which Way Now

When you start a new business, controlling costs is a top priority – along with getting those first sales in the bag, of course.  But control doesn’t mean spending as little as possible.  It means getting value for money while meeting the needs of your new business.

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Do I own my website?

One of the commonest questions from small businesses venturing onto the internet for the first time is “Will I own my website?”.  The answer’s complicated and depends on how you have set up your site and who’s built it – but the question is pretty complicated too.  What do you mean by ‘own’ your site?…

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Data security: what happens if you lose your website?

A website is essential for all businesses, and customers expect to be able to email you too, so what happens if disaster strikes?  The extreme weather we’ve seen on both sides of the Atlantic can deal a devastating physical blow to website businesses, and the economic downturn has had its casualties,  too.

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