Cameron Silvera runs a threat intelligence agency in 2040s London. While defusing a routine cyber attack in a city bank, the team uncover a warning of chaos to come. How will Cameron’s team, and their friends and families, prepare to battle the oncoming storm?

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Meet the Argentum Associates Team

Cameron Silvera founded Argentum Associates in the mid 2030s and has built a world-class reputation and a strong team. Cameron also has a brother, Charlie, who has a young family, and the redoubtable Aunt Vicky with her terrible cat….

Ross White

A tortured soul and a gifted triathlete, Ross is Cameron’s second in command – but not a friend.

Ella Stanford

A former City finance analyst, Ella’s insight and attention to detail give the team depth and credibility in the banking sector.

Joel Bardouille

Rugby player, ex-army, Joel is a practical and reliable cyber security consultant, working with high profile clients to keep them secure.

Noor Khawaja

Threat intelligence relies on effective teamwork, and Noor keeps the Argentum team in close contact with their peers across the world.

Sandeep Tahir

The team’s acknowledged expert on security breaches, phishing and the inevitable human error factor, Sandeep is supported by the new girl on the team, Susie. He is also very particular about his coffee.

Susie Lu

Recently joined Argentum, Susie has a background in network security for clients of all sizes.

Peter Iveson

Ex-military intelligence, a keen scuba diver, Pete applies his experience to the challenges of cyber crime, with insights into unusual intelligence gathering techniques, organised crime, and terrorism.