Visions of the future

I was delighted to be asked to contribute to the new Cybersalon anthology “All Tomorrow’s Futures – Fictions that Disrupt.” Published this week, this book is bursting with visions of the future from experts in their respective emerging technology fields.

The five themes cover justice, energy, finance, health and education, taking new angles on the way emerging technologies and the people who use them might impact our lives. The most accurate predictors of the future are science fiction writers, as futurist, quantum computing and Artificial Intelligence expert Whurley reminded us at his South by Southwest (SXSW) panel last month. Extrapolating today’s emerging technology into fiction exposes the utopian and dystopian possibilities and picks up on things that may never have been considered by inventors and advocates. Books like All Tomorrow’s Futures help societies and their leaders to go into the future with their eyes open.

This collection has been praised for its ‘eerily plausible narratives’ and the lesson that the way we relate to new technologies as humans is the key to surmounting challenges they present. Discover these visions of the future – and let me know what you think of my contribution, House of Cards. Find it on Amazon, or order copies right here from my website or at upcoming scifi and comic con events.

“All Tomorrow’s Futures – Fictions that Disrupt” will be available direct from me at Unleashed Gateshead (7th April) and SciFi Scarborough (20th/21st April).