Unstable Realities: SimCavalier Five


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Can you die in virtual reality?

Summer 2048. The world’s top athletes are jostling for the final places at the Olympics while ruthless cybercriminals plot to disrupt the games.

Cameron Silvera, aka the SimCavalier, one of the world’s most renowned hackers, is part of the team holding the line against chaos. When a technical glitch and a data breach point to rigged betting and cyber theft, Cameron dives deep into the unstable realities of the metaverse, rubbing shoulders with the very criminals she hunts. But she’s not alone – someone is hunting her too.

Her arch-nemesis Tenuk is wrestling with divided loyalties. His estranged father wants him to rejoin the family firm. Sapphire Straits is the largest gambling organisation across the real and virtual worlds, and it’s now dabbling in cybercrime. Tenuk tries to put aside his old grudges against his powerful father, and when he meets the AI who manages the gambling empire he realises how long this diabolical plan has been in motion.

As the clock ticks towards the Olympic opening ceremony, Cameron must go back into the underworld, using every ounce of her skill and cunning to stay out of the grasp of Tenuk and his rogue AI sidekick. The lives of her family and of the athletes caught in the crossfire are at stake, in every reality.

“Unstable Realities” is a heart-stopping cybercrime thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

Also available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

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