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Listen to books 1, 2 and 3 of the SimCavalier series in a single audiobook.

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London, 2045. Cameron Silvera, aka the SimCavalier, is a hacker legend in the cybersecurity world. In real life, Cameron leads theArgentum Associates white hat infosec team, known to world governments and global conglomerates for their ability to bring hacked systems back online fast. It’s fun work, and Cameron is at the top of her game.

When the City of London Bank calls in the Argentum team, it feels like just another routine job. The Speakeasy Worm has threaded its way into critical systems across the world. Cameron cracks the code easily, but there’s trouble ahead. Encoded deep within the virus itself is a hidden message addressed to the SimCavalier. A global crime syndicate is taking aim at the person who has crossed them once too often.

With a traitor in the camp and a journalist on her tail, it’s only a matter of time before Cameron’s identity is compromised. She barely overcomes a hurricane of cyberattacks before the syndicate brings the battle to her in London. Betrayed by trusted team members and pursued by a shadowy mastermind, Cameron has no way to prevent deadly attacks on her home and her family.

As the syndicate gathers new and ever more dangerous clients who threaten to hold the whole world to ransom, Cameron is in a race against time to take down their network in an explosive finale.

Listen to Cameron’s first three adventures in this trilogy audiobook edition. “HACKED” includes the original books Bitcoin Hurricane, Hacked Future and Tangled Fortunes.


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