Bitcoin Hurricane: SimCavalier One


London, 2045. Legendary hacker the SimCavalier is called in to unravel a global crime syndicate’s cyberattacks on global financial systems. With the stakes rising and her carefully protected identity exposed, she and her team are in a race against time to stop the impending chaos and save humanity from disaster.

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London, 2045. Cameron Silvera’s cybersecurity team has just stopped the Speakeasy ransomware attack in its tracks.

But their celebrations are put on hold as they dig deeper and find that cybercriminals have left a coded warning for the SimCavalier. Cameron, cover blown, becomes the target of a global cybercrime syndicate bent on causing maximum chaos. A long-dormant worm hidden in plain sight triggers a hurricane of new malware. Cameron’s trusted lieutenant, Ross, falls victim to blackmail, and a journalist betrays a secret which puts them all in danger.

As a storm of tech disasters threatens to overwhelm the close-knit team, Ross must decide where his loyalties lie, while Cameron battles against all the odds to prevent the shadowy criminal masterminds from taking their prize.

A book whose plot revolves around the manipulation of cryptocurrency should be available to purchase in cryptocurrency! Buy your signed copy here exclusively in Bitcoin. Of course, you can also use regular currency through our secure Stripe checkout.

Bitcoin Hurricane is also available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle and paperbacks can be shipped worldwide through your local Amazon store.


★★★★★ “Kept me reading to the very last page and left me wanting more…”

★★★★★ “The author has some great literary tricks up her sleeve, including loads of by-play between the team as they try to track down the mysterious malware, and more tech hijinx.”

★★★★★ “A realistic look at future cybersecurity attacks that will delight nerds and non-nerds alike”

★★★★★ “Great to have a book with many women who are scientifically literate, but the book doesn’t stop breaking the usual technical stereotypes there and you’ll have to read it to find out more.”

★★★★★”The writing is beautiful, clear and engaging. It has a twisting plot that keeps you hooked to the last.”

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The adventures of Cameron Silvera continue in Hacked Future and Tangled Fortunes. You can also find out more about the history of Cameron and the team in short stories Gridlock and Xanthe, featured in the Harvey Duckman Presents… collection of Steampunk, SciFi and Fantasy.

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