Do your Hootsuite posts still reach your fans?

There was uproar in the small business community in the last few weeks when Facebook acted to stop posts from third party programs appearing on news feeds. This makes complete sense when you realise how many updates you delete from Candy Crush Saga, Farmville and so on – but what about the posts you want other people to see?

In Poles Apart: Challenges for Business in the Digital Age we talk about how to stop social media taking over your life. Scheduling tools are a big part of managing your time on social media, and any threat of their effectiveness being reduced is a problem for small businesses who want to publicise what they do while still having time to do it!

Fortunately, market leader Hootsuite released this statement last week: Hootsuite users are unaffected by Facebook’s changes to third party sharing. You can read the full article on the Hootsuite blog, but the key point is that Hootsuite is a Preferred Marketing Developer with Facebook, so their service is likely to remain unaffected.

Keep posting to Facebook through Hootsuite with confidence, but remember the golden rules:

  • Post for the right audience: no @profilenames or overused #hashtags on Facebook, no long posts on Twitter
  • Don’t post the same things over and over again; it shows your main interest is you, not your customer.
  • Remember to reply when people interact; use notifications to tell you when this happens, and act on it
  • Work on posting at the right time to catch your biggest audience.
  • Use Facebook statistics and Google Analytics to understand what type of post attracts the right people.

Happy posting!