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The pace of emerging technology development is accelerating, and every organisation feels its impact. I help business leaders to navigate the rapidly changing landscape by effectively communicating the opportunities, potential and pitfalls of blockchain and distributed ledgers, the internet of things, realities, and AI.

  • Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers

    Kate has an in-depth knowledge of the developing landscape of blockchain technology, its history, applications, potential, and pitfalls. She works with businesses who are using blockchain, and her writing and speaking educates and inspires decision makers.

  • Keynotes, panels and chairing

    Confident, relaxed speaker and facilitator with experience from the big stage to small groups, in real life and online. Book Kate Baucherel to bring new perspectives and opportunities to your upcoming emerging tech conferences and training events.

  • Writing: technical work and fiction

    Kate's broad portfolio of writing includes her 2014 book on digital skills for business and the SimCavalier science fiction series. She has written articles, essays and expert insights for a number of high profile online and print publications in the UK and USA.

  • Emerging technology inspiration

    Learn about the leading and latest emerging technologies, and the wicked business challenges they solve. Discover new ways to improve business processes using blockchain technology, virtual and augmented realities, smart data, or artificial intelligence.

About Kate

About Kate

Digital Strategist | Writer | Speaker | Blockchain Consultant

Kate Baucherel is a business development and strategic consultant working with digital businesses, and with businesses of any sector using digital tools and emerging technology. She has a particular interest in the application of blockchain technology, the developing regulatory and ethical landscape of ICO fundraising, appropriate tokenization in distributed applications, security and integrity of smart contracts, and the practical application of distributed ledger technologies in managing digital and physical assets, Kate has a working knowledge of the strengths, key components and transaction flows of permissioned enterprise blockchains (Hyperledger, Corda), Ethereum distributed applications, and the Bitcoin blockchain.

Her unique combination of up to date digital knowledge and a strategic background as a qualified accountant gives her an unparalleled understanding of real world business challenges and how to tackle them innovatively. Her finance career spanned 25 years up to CFO level across a variety of industries, and she has worked exclusively in software and tech for the last decade. She has driven several businesses through both start up and growth phases. Kate is a published author of both business texts and science fiction, co-founded the Sphere Network in North East England, and occasionally teaches at Teesside University Business School.

latest articles

News and views on business challenges and the potential and dangers of emerging technologies

  • Whither the future of money?

    As cryptocurrencies gain both ground and notoriety, questions are increasingly asked about the future of money. I confronted this in my 2017 novel Bitcoin Hurricane, imagining a near future where digital and fiat currencies trade side by side in the money markets, and banks still have a role to play in our lives. Austin’s SXSW […]

  • Nifty Moves: Blockchain news from SXSW

    Is it hype, or is there something in it? The innovation spawned by cryptocurrency and its underlying distributed ledger technology is matched only by the scepticism that surrounds wild claims of future potential, and by the scams which arose in the Wild West of the 2017 bull run and ICO fundraising. The sector is beginning […]

  • The Innovation Game

    Science fiction, fantasy, computer games, and chess. My children are all over these, playing hard and imagining new worlds. As we start to face adult responsibilities, it’s sometimes hard to hold on to the absolute joy of play, but discussions around the development of artificial intelligence at this year’s South by South West (SXSW) festival […]

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