Inside Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity screenshot

Axie Infinity is hitting the headlines. This germ of an idea that emerged in 2017 has now reached a $30 billion valuation and sees activity on a par with mainstream games, according to Forbes. During the pandemic it became a lifeline for many people in the Philippines who earned enough from play to replace their…

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Unpacking El Salvador’s Bitcoin Rollout

El Salavador Flag and Bitcoin logo

Today’s the day that El Salvador officially recognises Bitcoin as legal tender. For the first time, a public, decentralised cryptocurrency is being adopted by a sovereign nation. What does this actually mean for the people, the economy, and crypto? Anyone can use Bitcoin Although El Salvador makes its use official, there is nothing to stop…

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NFTs and digital fine art – a love match

Three artworks

Artist James Atkins launched his first crypto art collection on Valentine’s Day 2021. As at 1st September 2021, 99 digital fine art pieces had been sold to thirty different collectors around the world, and the hundredth piece, the signed complete set with unlockable content, is up for auction. How did James hit the ground running…

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Central Bank Digital Currencies gather steam

British bank notes

Central Bank Digital Currencies, or CBDCs, are gathering steam. The years since the 2008 financial crash have seen both the emergence of cryptocurrencies and a rapid rise in the use of digital forms of payment. The Bank of England published their second discussion paper on CBDC a few days ago, and Governor Andrew Bailey told…

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CryptoPunk 7523 and original digital art

CryptoPunk 7523 "Covid Alien"

Hearing the hammer fall on CryptoPunk 7523 at Sotheby’s on Thursday 10th June, 2021, was a breathtaking moment. The price was one thing, jumping from a bid of $1.8m straight to the winning bid at $11.8m (4520 ETH), but the occasion was more significant. In the traditional art world, the value placed on a unique…

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Lockdown sparks international collaboration on blockchain book

Ash Costello and Kate Baucherel, authors of What's Hot in Blockchain & Crypto

Two blockchain advocates have come together to produce a new series of inspiring success stories from around the world. What’s Hot in Blockchain & Crypto takes you on a global journey along the cutting edge of a transformative technology, meeting the people behind some of the most inspiring and innovative applications of blockchain. This first…

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Cybersecurity scifi series helps readers reduce hack risks

Stack of three SimCavalier books

Press Release – 30th October 2020 A series of futuristic cybercrime novels is teaching its fans to be aware of the cybersecurity risks they face in the present day. Author Kate Baucherel was originally approached to write a serious guide to cyber risks, and the project grew into the SimCavalier science fiction thriller series. Readers…

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The Dash for Digital Currency

Digital world

PayPal announced this week that they are enabling customers to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrency on their platform. Although the news was cautiously received for several reasons, it’s just one symptom of the dash for digital currency which is gathering speed around the world. I expected that PayPal would eventually throw their hat into this…

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A Future of Work – Decentralised

Axie Infinity screenshot

The future of work against a backdrop of accelerating technological advances has been the subject of discussion for years, and the debate has intensified in the last few months. Our recent experience has focused on technology and best practice which enables effective communication and collaboration in a distanced setting. There is another dimension which is…

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Blockchain book chosen by Harvard

Blockchain landscape

Kate Baucherel has been helping business leaders to use emerging technologies effectively for the past three decades. Her latest book “Blockchain Hurricane: Origins, Applications and Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency” has been chosen by Harvard Business Publishing to add to their catalogue of learning materials and pair with their world-leading case studies. Blockchain Hurricane gives…

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