Blockchain, cryptocurrency and wider distributed ledger technologies are emerging as game-changers in every sector of society and industry. Social impact projects, fintech initiatives, supply chain and provenance systems, data management, and disintermediation of processes are being developed on a variety of platforms across the globe.

Kate has studied the operation of the Bitcoin blockchain, the potential of the Ethereum Distributed Application (dApp) landscape and ICO mechanisms, and has explored practical applictions of distributed ledger technology across multiple sectors. She has a recent certification in Enterprise Blockchain using Hyperledger Project frameworks, has been involved in early stage Ethereum dApp planning, and understands when to use a distrubuted ledger, and when to continue with traditional technologies. She also has insights into the token fundraising process (Initial Coin Offerings) and the dangers, advantages and rapidly evolving legislaton around such a strategy for business growth.

CityWeb BlockchainKate has access to growing network of experienced practitioners who can take projects forward for the right clients, and partners with CityWeb Consultants on large scale and blue-chip contracts.

Blockchain Writing, Speaking and Training

Kate delivers training for small groups ranging from a basic introduction to the technology and its applications, through smart contracts, to the finer points of ICO fundraising and its ethical considerations. Although based in the North East of England, she is happy to travel far afield for the right engagement, subject to standard fees and expenses.

She has spoken or is due to speak on this topic at a number of events including South by Southwest (SXSW) 2019, CIMA events throughout the country, the British Computer Society Skill Share series, London Blockchain Summit 2018, BrightTALK Blockchain Summit, Blockparty (various venues), Sphere Network, Digital Leaders, North East Blockchain Meetup, Newcastle Startup Week and has a broad knowledge of the subject which she can communicate effectively and tailor to the audience.

She has produced commissioned articles for a number of publications including Business Expert Press, the Center for Digital Ethics and Policy (“Gold! Gold! Gold from the blockchain river!“) and Digital Leaders (“Smart Contracts: let the blockchain take the strain“).