Trick or treat? Get the party started!

So you’ve set up the software, built the initial content, and invited your associates to join the community. Now, you’re on tenterhooks waiting for the interactions to start. Does this have a familiar ring to it? Do you remember planning parties, inviting all your friends, decorating the apartment, laying out the snacks and drinks, and […]

Keeping flexible working real in a virtual world

Today saw an excellent event at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art exploring the ins and outs of flexible working. Some great speakers were brought together by the team at Newcastle’s ForFusion to expose the technical, practical, and personal challenges and opportunities faced by 21st Century businesses and their Millennial employees. Speakers tackled the technical: Paessler’s network […]

From Big Data to Big Insights

Ever had the feeling you’re being swamped with information? Ask a simple question and you get a simple answer. With a spread of a few dozen responses, you can extrapolate and act on the trends you see. However, as your network of contributors grows, you get lots of simple answers. Eventually, you hit a point […]