Alumni engagement: a case study

As part of the Ambix team, I recently surveyed a group of Alumni Relations Managers at higher education establishments and qualification awarding bodies across the UK and beyond.  We received almost 60 comprehensive responses, and followed up with further questions to a quarter of the sample.  Our findings have reinforced the view that effective alumni engagement […]

Facing your fears: 5 tips to make that sale!

No matter how good your website, your Twitter interactions, your LinkedIn profile and your Instagram feed, at some point all this effort raising awareness will lead to making sales. However much you insist that you are not a sales person, you are just that.  You know your business better than anyone else.  You know what you can […]

Community as a project legacy

With London 2012 still fresh in our memories, it’s good to see the spectacular venues being used to host athletics, Rugby World Cup matches, swimming championships, local sports clubs, Premiership football, and world class events.  This is the project legacy that was so important in the original bid, and continues to be a priority for the IOC […]