Time for SMEs to Shine Online

It’s almost a year since consultants Booz & Company reported that “only one third of small and medium-sized companies in the UK have a digital presence and only 14% sell their products and services online, missing out on the potential for billions of pounds more revenue”.  The recovery is in the hands of small business, […]

Do I own my website?

One of the commonest questions from small businesses venturing onto the internet for the first time is “Will I own my website?”.  The answer’s complicated and depends on how you have set up your site and who’s built it – but the question is pretty complicated too.  What do you mean by ‘own’ your site? […]

Finding your mammoth

Have you defined your Unique Selling Point? What is the USP that will bring customers to your door? The chances are it’s NOT your product. Very few businesses are unique, and most of us are in a crowded market trying to shout louder than our competitors about the same service. It’s time to think outside […]

5 steps to simple, effective customer service

Small businesses have to do it all, and getting the balance right is one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs can face.  Developing your product or service, building awareness, networking or establishing a physical presence, delivering the goods, making sure the numbers add up, managing a growing business, supervising staff…… Customer service just adds to the […]

Online ROI? It’s all about customer service.

There’s a lot of suspicion in businesses of all sizes about the value of spending time online. How does it deliver anything to the bottom line? Study after study has tried to nail down the return on investment (ROI) of social media activity, and advertising metrics such as click-through rates try to reassure companies that […]