Keeping your Website Legal

Anyone in business – as a limited company, a partnership or a sole trader – knows that there are certain details that by law you have to print on your letterhead, invoices and brochures.  But what about the online space?  Now that it’s so easy to set up a simple template website with a few […]

Caveat collator: Sharer Beware!

How long do you pause to think before ‘sharing’ something on social media, or forwarding a circular email?  Do you take tweets and posts at face value and pass them straight on to your trusting fans and followers?  It’s so easy to hit that button, but what does fast and furious sharing tell people about […]

Fireworks over Facebook’s Promoted Posts

Are businesses reaching the end of the ‘free online advertising’ road? Facebook business page owners are finding it harder to reach their audiences organically.  Once Facebook floated its business, this free platform was always going to have to find a way to make some money for its investors – and businesses are the obvious target. […]