Writing is a real passion, and Kate produces fluent and authoritative work on a wide range of subjects. She has published a large body of work related to the safe use of digital tools and the legislation that surrounds business activities, informed by decades of experience in management reporting, preparation of business plans, and investment documentation. Kate has a talent for researching and analysing new developments in the field and can present them clearly to readers.

Published work – fiction

Bitcoin Hurricane, the first SimCavalier book, was published in August 2017, and its sequel, Hacked Future in September 2018. It follows the adventures of Cameron Silvera and the cybersecurity team at Argentum Associates as they battle cybercrime in near-future London.

Published work – non-fiction

Kate’s first book was ‘Poles Apart: Challenges for Business in the Digital Age‘. This tackled the missing digital skills and gaps in knowledge that plague micro businesses, which often result in lost business opportunities and unexpected costs when things don’t go as planned. It was well received by its audience, reaching the top five in business books on publication. Since then, Kate has produced a prolific variety of shorter essays and articles. Subject have included the history and applications of blockchain, digital strategy, community development, data privacy legislation, best practice for business, and other subjects close to her heart.

Professional documents

Kate has prepared documentation for investment purposes, from slide decks to full-blown business plans. She has written tenders and grant applications, adhering to strict content guidelines. As a Chartered Management Accountant she has reported clear and timely information to board level and stakeholders throughout her career. Kate is particularly skilled at drawing out technical detail and presenting it in a way that is relevant and clear to non-experts.

Kate will accept freelance and retained writing commissions, and can work to different formats and styles according to your requirements. Contact Kate today to discuss your target audience and subject matter.