What’s the value of an online community?

We love and value Ambix. We have crafted it from the germ of an idea to a thing of beauty and practicality. But we know that what we think really doesn’t matter to you. What matters to you most is that Ambix meets a need in your organisation. We want to help you to you determine what that need is!

Finding your need

Ambix is a powerful tool: its real strengths become evident when you step back and examine how you meet the fundamental values and goals of your organisation.

Membership organisations want to show that membership has value, attract new members, and retain existing members. Whether the organisation is publicly funded or members subscribe, it’s still vital to show that value for money is being delivered.
You may want your member base to build industry knowledge and best practice, to collate research and experience, to contribute to the development of professional standards or government policy. In the past, collaboration and discussion tended to be based in committees and meetings.
As the internet opens up the potential to crowd-source and filter knowledge in a peer-to-peer setting, Ambix provides the perfect secure platform for that discussion.

Fundraising bodies have an ultimate, clear goal, but achieving it effectively requires genuine engagement with the target market.
Alumni associations are a classic example. US educational establishments have a long history of developing strong alumni networks and fundraising from them. This practice is increasingly seen on this side of the pond, too, as budgets are squeezed from every direction and the value of alumni is recognised.
However, simply being an alumnus and reading the occasional newsletter is not enough to engage effectively. People buy people; people invest in people. Remember the buzz of Friends Reunited over a decade ago, the excitement of catching up with old friends? By building a community you are harnessing that loyalty and engagement.
The interest group structure within Ambix is the ideal place to bring together people with common interests, school and degree subjects, or year groups.

Nailing Return on Investment

Once you find your need, justifying the return on investment to decision makers can be the biggest barrier to building your online community. Ambix isn’t a tool which will speed up production or reduce waste; the simple cost saving justifications will not work. To nail the ROI, you have to start with that fundamental need, go back to basics and show how a new approach to engagement will fulfill the organisation’s goals effectively.

Ambix adds value

What are the fundamental goals of your organisation? When achieving those goals involves people, the effectiveness of engagement determines your success. Ambix is the tool for effective engagement. Sitting alongside your member management system, Ambix brings your member base to life.

The value of an online community depends on the need that it meets. Find your need, and Ambix will add the value.