The five keys to building a strong online community

Build it and they will come? Such a common mistake. We’ve met many organisations who started out installing a free community tool and waiting for the crowds to join them. When only a few people engage, the excuses pile up: there are too many networks already; our members don’t want/need a community. More often than […]

Ambix and the Mysterious EAST

Ambix is taking you EAST. We’re on a journey of discovery, finding a new way of collaborating and interacting with our peers. As the drive to bring the population online gathers pace, there’s a growing understanding that not everyone is as thrilled about the online space as those of us who have been embedded in […]

Adding value for your members

“Build it and people will come”. Well, not really. 25 years ago when the world wide web was born, a website was a novelty and everyone wanted to be part of it. When Compuserve was the only place to go for mail and forums, people came. Now, with the proliferation of social media, people either […]