Social media in a regulated world

Manchester United, at the forefront of community building through social media, came close this week to having their fingers burned by the Twitterati.  In the wake of almost 24 hours of feverish speculation across social media channels and traditional news outlets, MUFC posted two tweets at 0830 BST on 22nd April:

Online ROI? It’s all about customer service.

There’s a lot of suspicion in businesses of all sizes about the value of spending time online. How does it deliver anything to the bottom line? Study after study has tried to nail down the return on investment (ROI) of social media activity, and advertising metrics such as click-through rates try to reassure companies that […]

5 reasons I love my Twitter followers

What makes Twitter followers special?  It’s exciting hitting a nice round number (but oh the suspense when you are balancing on the cusp!) but that doesn’t exactly put bread on the table – or does it?  Here’s why I love my Twitter followers:

Word of Mouth in the 21st Century

“I get all my business by word of mouth” says our builder.  That’s great – but what does ‘Word of Mouth’ mean these days?  In 2004, Kate Fox wrote “The mobile phone has… become the modern equivalent of the garden fence or the village green” (1).  Nine years on, the internet is where we do […]

#hmvxfactorfirings – a Social Media lesson

The Twitterverse was treated to a great cautionary tale yesterday when HMV employees ‘hijacked’ the firm’s Twitter account and ‘live tweeted’ from the HR department where 60 staff were being relieved of their jobs.  It’s easy to think that this was simply irresponsible behaviour, hitting out at administrators for personal reasons, but the lessons go […]

MX5 Parts: A social media case study

This article was originally published in September 2012, and is updated and reproduced here by permission of Divario. MX5 Parts, a subsidiary of Scimitar International, is Europe’s largest provider of parts and accessories for the Mazda MX-5, Miata and Eunos Roadster motor vehicles.  As fellow owners, MX5 Parts is a very active sponsor and supporter […]

Caveat collator: Sharer Beware!

How long do you pause to think before ‘sharing’ something on social media, or forwarding a circular email?  Do you take tweets and posts at face value and pass them straight on to your trusting fans and followers?  It’s so easy to hit that button, but what does fast and furious sharing tell people about […]

Micro Business: Supporting Each Other in a Cold Climate

The majority of our clients consider themselves to be small businesses – but did you know that a ‘Small Business’ is classed as one with turnover under £50 million?  At the coalface of startup and micro business, this sort of turnover is many years away or unattainable for most.  When government talks about supporting small […]

What scares you most this Hallowe’en

Ghosts and ghouls are abroad as we launch the Galia Digital website! Fear of the unknown keeps the kids on the edge of their seats.  For the little ones, the unknown is the dark, the stories, the things that go bump in the night – but for too many businesses, the unknown is the internet, […]