What’s the value of an online community?

We love and value Ambix. We have crafted it from the germ of an idea to a thing of beauty and practicality. But we know that what we think really doesn’t matter to you. What matters to you most is that Ambix meets a need in your organisation. We want to help you to you […]

Enjoy the sunshine with #placetoplacenetworking

The JDrew Creations team are basking in the sunshine on the warmest day of the year, and reflecting on the British desire to make the most of the sun when it shines. We may have a reputation for going lobster-pink at the drop of a sunshade, but an unpredictable island weather system means we have […]

Privacy and online collaboration

In an article for the FT this week, Emma Jacobs brought privacy into the spotlight. There’s a groundswell of opinion that there is now too much private data floating around in the ether, with the potential to compromise individuals out in the real world.