The five keys to building a strong online community

Build it and they will come? Such a common mistake. We’ve met many organisations who started out installing a free community tool and waiting for the crowds to join them. When only a few people engage, the excuses pile up: there are too many networks already; our members don’t want/need a community. More often than […]

Why Alumni matter: the challenge of engagement

Every year, hundreds of thousands of learners pass through hallowed halls of learning, from schools to colleges, from vocational training to university, from postgraduate research to professional qualifications. The organisations who provide this training have a valuable resource in their databases, but not everyone rises to the challenge of engagement. Clear goals equate to clear […]

Unlocking knowledge with your social intranet

Why should you even consider a social intranet in your organisation? Surely the world doesn’t change just because there’s a new way of communicating? This is an attitude that reflects the uneven digital skills in our society, and ignores the fact that a new medium can deliver new benefits. A social intranet isn’t just about […]

We’re Hiring! PHP and Cloud Networks Developer

JDrew Creations is recruiting!  Download the full specifications here : Developer – PHP and Cloud Networking Job Description The Role This role will encompass development of the Ambix platform, deploying software to the cloud and establishing the company’s own cloud setup, and overseeing the increasing load of networking requirements to ensure that systems are robust as […]

Ambix and the Mysterious EAST

Ambix is taking you EAST. We’re on a journey of discovery, finding a new way of collaborating and interacting with our peers. As the drive to bring the population online gathers pace, there’s a growing understanding that not everyone is as thrilled about the online space as those of us who have been embedded in […]

Online communities: greater than the sum of their parts

We hear a lot of reasons why people consider establishing online communities for their organisation’s members.  Communication is of course number one, collaboration is often mentioned, supply chains are important, and there is a worthy feeling across the market that it’s important to keep up with the latest developments in technology.

Enjoy the sunshine with #placetoplacenetworking

The JDrew Creations team are basking in the sunshine on the warmest day of the year, and reflecting on the British desire to make the most of the sun when it shines. We may have a reputation for going lobster-pink at the drop of a sunshade, but an unpredictable island weather system means we have […]

Micro Business: Supporting Each Other in a Cold Climate

The majority of our clients consider themselves to be small businesses – but did you know that a ‘Small Business’ is classed as one with turnover under £50 million?  At the coalface of startup and micro business, this sort of turnover is many years away or unattainable for most.  When government talks about supporting small […]