New Year, New You Online

As the Christmas decorations are packed away, the world seems a duller place. Have a look at your online profile in the cold light of January. Does it tell the world how good your business really is? Have things changed since you set up your online strategy? Is it time to spruce up and spring […]

Managing the Online Culture Clash

There is a real clash of cultures in our society, as Digital Skills become ever more vital for day to day living and business growth.  The younger generation, raised with computers, have an intuitive grasp of rapidly-changing online tools. The older generation, who have watched the extraordinary rise of the internet over the past 20 […]

How good is your crystal ball?

Back in 2006, a study conducted for Rackspace hosting by SIRC, the Social Issues Research Centre, came up with some predictions for what was known then as ‘Web 2020’ – what would our world look like with the rise of the internet. It’s a remarkable article and worth a read – here’s a copy : […]

Whither Facebook?

This week Mashable published a blog by a 13 year old New Yorker who laments the fact that now she’s old enough for her own Facebook account, it doesn’t live up to the years of anticipation.  You can read the full blog here.  So does this clearly tech-savvy teen have a point?  Has Facebook reached […]

Social Media challenges for a Growing Business

Many of the businesses we deal with are owner-managed, and the responsibility for business communication falls to one person at the top of the organisation.  But what happens as the business grows?  It’s time to think about how social media and email communication is managed in the workplace, so that employees know where they stand […]

Word of Mouth in the 21st Century

“I get all my business by word of mouth” says our builder.  That’s great – but what does ‘Word of Mouth’ mean these days?  In 2004, Kate Fox wrote “The mobile phone has… become the modern equivalent of the garden fence or the village green” (1).  Nine years on, the internet is where we do […]

MX5 Parts: A social media case study

This article was originally published in September 2012, and is updated and reproduced here by permission of Divario. MX5 Parts, a subsidiary of Scimitar International, is Europe’s largest provider of parts and accessories for the Mazda MX-5, Miata and Eunos Roadster motor vehicles.  As fellow owners, MX5 Parts is a very active sponsor and supporter […]