When they come, build it | Community Strategy | Ambix

Why a community strategy matters. There are powerful tools all around us for digital engagement. As society moves closer to being ‘Digital by Default’, there is sometimes an unseemly rush to keep up, without measured thinking being applied. There is a danger that decision makers express their digital needs in archaic terms (or misuse new […]

Unlocking knowledge with your social intranet

Why should you even consider a social intranet in your organisation? Surely the world doesn’t change just because there’s a new way of communicating? This is an attitude that reflects the uneven digital skills in our society, and ignores the fact that a new medium can deliver new benefits. A social intranet isn’t just about […]

Karate Community Packs a Punch Online

In a paper published in July this year, “Structural differences between open and direct communication in an online community”, the authors present the results of seven years’ study into the differences in one-to-one (messaging) and many-to-many (forum) communication in a population of over 35,000 users. Their results match our experience of the development of online […]

Why you should get a proper browser

We’ve been surprised to find a lot of internet users who don’t understand why websites “don’t work” on older browsers. There’s a gulf of understanding about why and how to upgrade browser versions or switch to different types, and sometimes an unwillingness to do so because of legacy systems. This is a ticking time bomb […]

Counting down to a new Ambix release!

The JDrew Creations team are currently putting the finishing touches to the latest release of Ambix! We’re very excited to be rolling this out to our existing customer base over the next few weeks, giving their member communities the opportunity to develop online networking with the same strength and depth as in face to face […]