Karate Community Packs a Punch Online

In a paper published in July this year, “Structural differences between open and direct communication in an online community”, the authors present the results of seven years’ study into the differences in one-to-one (messaging) and many-to-many (forum) communication in a population of over 35,000 users. Their results match our experience of the development of online […]

Counting down to a new Ambix release!

The JDrew Creations team are currently putting the finishing touches to the latest release of Ambix! We’re very excited to be rolling this out to our existing customer base over the next few weeks, giving their member communities the opportunity to develop online networking with the same strength and depth as in face to face […]

The Digital Carrot and Stick

One of the comforting things about making the leap to the online space is how closely online behaviour resembles that in the ‘real world’. Once a business realises that the same message is being communicated regardless of the medium, and that online channels are just a new way of getting to the market, the move […]

Ambix and the Mysterious EAST

Ambix is taking you EAST. We’re on a journey of discovery, finding a new way of collaborating and interacting with our peers. As the drive to bring the population online gathers pace, there’s a growing understanding that not everyone is as thrilled about the online space as those of us who have been embedded in […]

Using Google+ as your personal intranet

I have to own up to an embarrassing fact. Despite working with social media for years, training and writing about SME online strategy, I’ve never quite managed to use Google+ myself to best effect. It’s slowly gained traction, but posting to G+ is often an afterthought. In my line of work, I’m far more comfortable […]

Online communities: greater than the sum of their parts

We hear a lot of reasons why people consider establishing online communities for their organisation’s members.  Communication is of course number one, collaboration is often mentioned, supply chains are important, and there is a worthy feeling across the market that it’s important to keep up with the latest developments in technology.

Enjoy the sunshine with #placetoplacenetworking

The JDrew Creations team are basking in the sunshine on the warmest day of the year, and reflecting on the British desire to make the most of the sun when it shines. We may have a reputation for going lobster-pink at the drop of a sunshade, but an unpredictable island weather system means we have […]

Privacy and online collaboration

In an article for the FT this week, Emma Jacobs brought privacy into the spotlight. There’s a groundswell of opinion that there is now too much private data floating around in the ether, with the potential to compromise individuals out in the real world.