Kate is a business development and strategic consultant working with digital businesses, and with businesses of any sector using digital tools and emerging technology. With over 25 years of commercial experience under her belt, and having driven several businesses through both start up and growth phases, Kate is well qualified to take a close look at your overall business strategy. She enjoys working with technical enterprises, and also in any sector where the application of technology streamlines processes and drives innovation.

Emerging technology focus

Kate has a specific interest in the application of appropriate emerging technologies in business. Consultancy work could include examining the practicalities of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for evolving and new business concepts, looking at chatbots and artificial intelligence for customer service, or considering virtual, augmented or mixed reality solutions. Hand in hand with an understanding of emerging tech is a good grasp of cybersecurity and the risks that keep pace with rewards. Kate’s imagination sometimes runs away with her in writing the SimCavalier series of technothrillers, set far enough in the future to allow free rein and artistic license.

Innovation and Business Strategy

To meet online marketing challenges, Kate works alongside Teesside-based Renoovo Design, who have an enviable reputation for high-quality work and long term client support.  Kate brings her business experience and love of content writing to the table, to complement the technical skills of Renoovo.

Renoovo Logo 200Started in 2011, Renoovo has grown from strength to strength. They specialise in three main areas Web, Print and Design. Renoovo are listed as expert affiliates in WooCommerce eCommerce for WordPress.

The combined team invests in building long-term relationships and is committed to the on-going success of our clients. It all starts with coffee and a chat – a chance to work with our clients to fully understand their businesses, requirements and customers, before creating a digital solution bespoke to their needs. We work with a range of businesses and charities, from micro businesses and SMEs┬áto local authorities. We are proud of the work we do, the clients we work with, and the success we have achieved.