We work with digital businesses, and with businesses of any sector using digital tools and emerging technology. With almost 30 years of commercial experience under her belt, and having driven several businesses through both start up and growth phases, Kate Baucherel is well qualified to take a close look at your overall business strategy. She enjoys working with technical enterprises, and also in any sector where technology streamlines processes and drives innovation. Kate has a specific interest in the application of appropriate emerging technologies in business.

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Emerging technologies can drive business success

The pace of emerging technology development is accelerating, and every business feels its impact. How can you ensure that your organisation rides the wave of innovation and takes advantage of appropriate tools? How can you identify threats and opportunities to your long-term business strategies?

You don’t know what you don’t know

Through our tailored consultancy, training and workshops you can:

  • Learn about the leading emerging technologies and the wicked business challenges they solve
  • Understand the long-term impact on your industry sector and business models
  • Identify technologies that will deliver a competitive advantage to your business
  • Gain access to a network of professionals who can implement effective tools

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Public and permissioned blockchains

Kate has studied the application of blockchain technology across the Bitcoin blockchain, the Ethereum Distributed Application (dApp) landscape, and the Hyperledger project for enterprise blockchain. She has a recent certification in Enterprise Blockchain using Hyperledger Project frameworks, has been involved in early stage Ethereum dApp planning, and understands when to use a distrubuted ledger, and when to continue with traditional technologies. She also has insights into the token fundraising process and the dangers and advantages of such a strategy for business growth. Kate has a growing network of blockchain practitioners who can take projects forward for the right clients.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

These are exciting technologies which are becoming more mainstream. Kate has a strong network of developers of VR and AR technologies who can apply visualisation techniques to business processes, saving money and improving performance through appropriate use of new strategies.

Internet of Things

How is the world connected? Hand in hand with machine learning and blockchain technologies comes the Internet of Things. What are the possibilities in this huge space, which ranges from smart kettles to our whole home and working environments? Where do the dangers lie, and how can a connected world continue to be a safe place.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

You have probably had a conversation with an artificial intelligence without being aware that they were anything other than human. From malicious Twitter bots to helpful customer service chat windows, AI has already impacted our lives. As the volume of data produced by our daily activity grows, the opportunity for machines to learn increases. Applications in business are endless, from intelligent management of the supply chain to satisfying a demand for customer interaction day and night. How could your organisation benefit?