Speaking SXSW 2017 Panel
Kate Baucherel is a confident speaker and chair with experience on the international stage, both in person at major conferences and online in high-profile webinars. Kate has also lectured at Teesside Business School for several semesters and can structure and deliver effective training on emerging technology for small and large groups.

Recent and Planned Speaking Engagements



Keynote and Panel Specialities

Blockchain ‘Ask Me Anything’

This is a great way to pitch the delivery to the level of the audience. As understanding of blockchain technology increases, balancing a presentation between 101 and expert, and between technical aspects and business applications, is a tricky task. I am confident in the breadth, depth and currency of my knowledge and can manage quick-fire questioning.

Emerging Technology Application in Industry

Want to understand the impact of emerging technologies on a specific industry, to reassure and inspire an audience? I have delivered talks and webinars for industry groups including the British Computer Society and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, focusing on blockchain, Internet of Things and machine learning / AI / robotics.

Do you really need a blockchain?

Drilling down through the hype to real decision criteria, drawing on 30 years of business experience. I have worked with several organisations over the past three years who have approached me with a problem to solve or a vision to realise, and I have advised on appropriate technology and assisted in the development of blockchain applications. I am currently an advisor to blockchain startup eBudz.

Previous Experience

Kate was a panelist at South by Southwest 2017, speaking on the role of technology in volunteer retention, and presented at the the festival’s HATCH Pitch contest for innovative startup businesses in 2015 and 2016. She has spoken at events around the UK as sole speaker, panelist and moderator for debates and workshops addressing emerging technology, women in STEM careers, and digital skills. Kate is also a co-founder of the Sphere Network and chairs and facilitates discussion around emerging tech as a whole and blockchain technologies in particular.

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