New Year, New You Online

As the Christmas decorations are packed away, the world seems a duller place. Have a look at your online profile in the cold light of January. Does it tell the world how good your business really is? Have things changed since you set up your online strategy? Is it time to spruce up and spring clean? YES! Time for a Digital Footprint Audit.

What is my Digital Footprint?

As soon as a business is created, it has a Digital Footprint.

Information from Companies House, HMRC, telephone service providers, trade registers and news articles is available online. Data companies bundle this up and sell it to online directories, who create free listings. Google picks up this information, and creates a Google+ page. You’re being found in local search results, with a map to your office. The Digital Footprint is now visible to all your clients!

Customers post reviews – good or bad – on directories or Google, but you can’t respond because you don’t know they are there. A new employee adds your company to her Facebook profile – and Facebook creates a new page for you. A client, sitting waiting in reception, plays with his smartphone and ‘checks in’ to your location on Facebook or Foursquare. They comment on the service they received.

Suddenly, you have a social media presence that you do not control.

You won’t be notified of any of this activity, but that Digital Footprint has been created, and you need to make sure it tells the world who you really are. With 76% of UK adults aged 16 and above using the internet every day (that’s 38 million people, according to the Office of National Statistics in 2014), your customers are here, and they think the Digital Footprint they have found represents you. Does it?

Your Internet Health Check

StethoscopeGalia Digital are experts in auditing your footprint across the online space. Using a strong combination of analytical tools and an understanding of how the internet spreads information, we investigate how your business is represented. From simple checks on the structure and legal compliance of your website, to following trails through social media, our Digital Footprint Audit is a clear and comprehensive guide to your online presence.

Seize the opportunity to use your Digital Footprint effectively!

A Digital Footprint Audit tells you where you are now, and how to build your business online in the future. It sets out a simple strategy to ensure the internet represents you properly even when you sleep. It gives you a clear guide to the most effective strategies for your business- and highlights areas where you can save time and effort.

Let’s Get Started

For only £125*, Galia Digital will deliver a two or three page document summarising the good, the bad and the ugly online, and set out a simple strategy to move your business forward. Simply enter your details on this form and we will contact you for a no-obligation chat.

*Ask about discounts for some business network members.