Micro Business: Supporting Each Other in a Cold Climate

The majority of our clients consider themselves to be small businesses – but did you know that a ‘Small Business’ is classed as one with turnover under £50 million?  At the coalface of startup and micro business, this sort of turnover is many years away or unattainable for most.  When government talks about supporting small […]

Is the recovery in the hands of small businesses online?

A report published this week estimates that only one third of small and medium-sized companies in the UK have a digital presence and only 14% sell their products and services online, missing out on the potential for billions of pounds more revenue. Global consultants Booz and Company concluded that by getting businesses online, and ensuring […]

Fireworks over Facebook’s Promoted Posts

Are businesses reaching the end of the ‘free online advertising’ road? Facebook business page owners are finding it harder to reach their audiences organically.  Once Facebook floated its business, this free platform was always going to have to find a way to make some money for its investors – and businesses are the obvious target. […]

The Galia Digital Website is launched!

The waiting is over – after weeks of tempting our Twitter and Facebook followers with the promise of a new website, it’s finally here! It’s been a true team effort from some of the online specialists working with Galia Digital – particularly a great fresh design from @DeadPixel217.  Time for a glass of bubbly! Keep […]

What scares you most this Hallowe’en

Ghosts and ghouls are abroad as we launch the Galia Digital website! Fear of the unknown keeps the kids on the edge of their seats.  For the little ones, the unknown is the dark, the stories, the things that go bump in the night – but for too many businesses, the unknown is the internet, […]