Why Alumni matter: the challenge of engagement

Every year, hundreds of thousands of learners pass through hallowed halls of learning, from schools to colleges, from vocational training to university, from postgraduate research to professional qualifications. The organisations who provide this training have a valuable resource in their databases, but not everyone rises to the challenge of engagement.

Clear goals equate to clear strategy

JDrew Creations is researching the current state of alumni engagement in the UK, surveying over 300 organisations across the spectrum of awarding bodies, and the early responses have delivered some interesting results. There’s a consensus that staying connected with alumni is a valuable thing, but the goals of engagement aren’t always clear – and the relative clarity of goals is reflected in communications strategies.

How do you engage?

The greater the responses we can collect, the more valuable our feedback to you about the challenges and potential for alumni engagement. Please take a few minutes to answer the six questions on the appropriate survey, and we’ll publish our findings here on this blog.