Kate is a business development and strategic consultant working with digital businesses, and with businesses of any sector using digital tools and emerging technology. She is a published author and writes, speaks and researches on community management in nonprofits, digital business challenges, privacy policy evolution, and cybersecurity. She teaches at Teesside University Business School, represents Women in Tech in the region, and was part of the leadership of Digital Leaders North East England for 3 years. She has contributed articles to the Center for Digital Ethics & Policy, North East Connected, Digital Leaders, and Sage Business Experts, among others. She is also a qualified accountant, working for 25 years up to CFO level across a variety of industries, and an experienced digital marketer.

In addition to a growing body of published work on digital engagement, community development, diversity, and privacy legislation, Kate works with businesses at various stages of development, from pre-startup to established enterprises.  Her first love is tech, where she has managed several business through the startup and growth phases. Every industry can benefit from technical solutions from traditional to emerging technologies: it’s simply a question of identifying the right tools for the job.