A chat in the Startup Van

The story of Galia Digital and their support of businesses using emerging technologies Kate Baucherel takes us through the story of how her business Galia Digital came to be and working with business that use emerging technologies. Kate explain… YouTube Great video from The Startup Van at Sage Summit this April

What price privacy in a connected world?

The connected world is here, and while privacy and security have always been hot topics for the creators of tech, increasing numbers of high-profile breaches are building public awareness of the challenges and dangers that face us. Who knew, as the magic beans of interconnectivity grew, that the golden goose came complete with scary giant? […]

The Time Travelling Accountant

I feel like I’ve travelled in time this month. No, I haven’t acquired my own personal TARDIS (I wish!). I haven’t even travelled far in space. However, I have leapt from the very basics of accountancy to its exciting future in the space of a few days. Who knew that accountants would lead the way […]