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The pace of emerging technology development is accelerating, and every business feels its impact. Our digital strategy services will help you to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of blockchain, VR/AR, machine learning, and AI, and learn how to harness their benefits and avoid common pitfalls.

  • Gain competitive advantage

    Learn about the leading and latest emerging technologies, and the wicked business challenges they solve. Discover new ways to improve business processes using blockchain technology, virtual and augmented realities, smart data, or artificial intelligence.

  • Plan for an uncertain future

    Understand the long-term impact of emerging technologies and digital change on your industry sector and business models. Develop strategies for economic and practical paradigm shifts to ride out the storm of disruptive technology.

  • Written work commissions

    Commission clearly written articles on emerging technology and its effect on business and the wider world. Kate Baucherel authors the SimCavalier science fiction series and is a freelance writer for a number of high profile organisations in the UK and USA.

  • Conferences and panel speaking

    Confident, relaxed speaker from the big stage to a small group, in real life or online. Able to tailor the message and style to the audience. Book Kate Baucherel for your next conference or training event on blockchain and emerging technology.

About Kate

About Kate

Digital Strategist | Writer | Speaker | Blockchain Consultant

Kate Baucherel is a business development and strategic consultant working with digital businesses, and with businesses of any sector using digital tools and emerging technology. She was appointed Chief Operating Officer of City Web Consultants in May 2018

She has a particular interest in the application of blockchain technology, the developing regulatory and ethical landscape of ICO fundraising, appropriate tokenization in distributed applications, security and integrity of smart contracts, and the practical application of distributed ledger technologies in managing digital and physical assets, Kate has a working knowledge of the strengths, key components and transaction flows of permissioned enterprise blockchains (Hyperledger, Corda), Ethereum distributed applications, and the Bitcoin blockchain.

Her unique combination of up to date digital knowledge and a strategic background as a qualified accountant gives her an unparalleled understanding of real world business challenges and how to tackle them innovatively. Her finance career spanned 25 years up to CFO level across a variety of industries, and she has worked exclusively in software and tech for the last decade. She has driven several businesses through both start up and growth phases. Kate is a published author of both business texts and science fiction, co-founded the Sphere Network in North East England, and occasionally teaches at Teesside University Business School.

latest articles

News and views on business challenges and the potential and dangers of emerging technologies

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    Twitter0Facebook0Linkedin0Reddit0X Email0 Google plus0 Stumbleupon0How will smart contracts streamline business processes? Digital Leaders North East and Invotra attracted a broad range of businesses to their Blockchain event earlier this year. The audience ranged from those who are already actively exploring blockchain solutions in their business to the majority who are still feeling their way on […]

  • Gold! Gold! Gold from the Blockchain River! | Center for Digital Ethics & Policy

    Twitter0Facebook0Linkedin0Reddit0X Email0 Google plus0 Stumbleupon0In 2017, $5.6 billion was raised for blockchain-based development projects through a new funding mechanism dubbed an ICO or Initial Coin Offering. By comparison, $240 million was raised by the same method in 2016, while it’s estimated $1 billion has already been invested in the first two months of 2018 (close […]

  • Initial Coin Offerings – Snake Oil or Saviour?

    Twitter2Facebook0Linkedin0Reddit0X Email0 Google plus0 Stumbleupon02017 was the year that Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) hit the technical business press, and cryptocurrency stepped out of the shadows. It’s been a remarkable ride: in June, when finalising details of my novel Bitcoin Hurricane, the publisher asked whether Bitcoin was well enough known for the book to sell. By […]

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