About Kate

Kate Baucherel is a freelance writer, speaker, trainer and coach. She is a published author and has contributed articles to the Center for Digital Ethics & Policy, North East Connected, Digital Leaders, and Sage Business Experts, among others. She is also a qualified accountant with 25 years’ up to CFO level across a variety of industries, and an experienced digital marketer.

In addition to a growing body of published work on digital engagement, community development, and privacy legislation, Kate works directly with small businesses, writing website and social content, and training and coaching business owners as they struggle to embrace the digital world.  She is a Subject Matter Expert within Skills Network (NE), delivering bite-sized training to busy entrepreneurs.

Featured image ambixKate is co-founder of Ambix, the social intranet for non-profits and business networks. In this role, she focuses on effective community engagement strategies for Ambix clients.

Renoovo Logo 200Where her clients require traditional web products and services, Kate works closely with Renoovo Design, who handle all the technical aspects of building and maintaining secure websites.

For complex solutions, including business process improvement software and safety-critical or highly regulated verticals, Kate partners with leading software house SGP Consulting.

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